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April 2007 News Letter

By Bo Naquin

    The tournament committe chose to fish Lake SamRayburn TX, For the out of town tournament this year. Its always fun to fish Lake SamRayburn because you never know when that hog of a lifetime will show up. The hog didnt show up this year but the weather did. The first day, The wind played a big factor, at 22mph most of the club found themselves stranded on the north side of the lake. With 7 foot + seas rolling, There was no way to get back by boat safely. Glenn Sr came to the rescue, picking us up on the road side and bringing us to the trucks so we could then drive to the north launch and pick the boats up. On the second day the weather was much better. Everyone caught fish this tournament including Lloyd Vidal even if it was only 2 fish. Chad Murray did it again for the third year in a row 1st place. Glenn Sr. pulled a close 2nd and Randy, after sweating it all weekend brought in 3rd place. We will never under estimate Big Sam again. We will get that hog next year. Maybe.

The Results:

#1. Glenn Green Jr, 9.40 lbs. Lunker 3.06 lbs.

#2. Glenn Green Sr, 9.39 lbs. Lunker 3.74 lbs.

#3. Bo Naquin, 9.18 lbs. Lunker 2.97 lbs.

#4. Randy Provenzano, 8.59 lbs. Lunker 1.79 lbs.

#5. Cheyene Roberts, 7.41 lbs. Lunker 2.03 lbs.

#6. Harris Naquin Jr, 7.16 lbs. Lunker 2.00 lbs. 

#7. Lloyd Videl, 6.80 lbs. Lunker 1.97 lbs.

#8. Kevin Lamoine, "No Show"

#9. Ryan, "No Show"